The past year has proved to be a milestone for intern rights, with significant accomplishments in the fight to have interns recognized as employees, with rights to both pay and workplace protections. Substantial decisions in courts, local governments and corporations around the country have brought unfair internships to the fore, prompting many employers to change their practices for the better. Multiple media conglomerates have changed their hiring policies—from terminating their exploitative internship programs to paying their interns. Significant information was released that began to fill in the data gap of unpaid work across the nation. Unpaid and underpaid interns are filing lawsuits against their employees for illegal wage theft. Students are starting to taking matters into their own hands, from demanding that their universities stop posting illegal internships on their job boards to writing substantial theses on the detrimental effect of unpaid internships and free labor.

Intern Labor Rights has compiled a year end report to serve as a resource guide. It includes a summary of important developments at the legislative and institutional levels; a detailed timeline that documents lawsuits, actions and corresponding public response; links to pivotal articles, panel discussions and interviews; an overview of the related struggles across the nation; and our vision and goals for 2014.