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Intern Labor Rights is looking for intern stories this summer! As a movement that is gaining wider recognition over the years, we know that visibility is a key component towards building greater awareness and coalition-building around our stories. We believe it is crucial for educational institutions, employers, policymakers, and fellow labor organizers to understand the depths and complexity of the intern labor experience.
In particular, we are seeking stories that explore:

  • Lack of Access to Internship
    Have you been seeking (an) internship(s) but finding it difficult to secure because of lack of compensation and/or basic job security by the employer?
  • Unpaid or Underpaid Internship
    Have you taken on an underpaid/unpaid internship but are struggling with multiple jobs, other sources of financial support, and/or an unsupported work environment? Are you working long hours and tasks for little to no pay?
  • Paid Internship, Unfair Working Conditions
    Are you in a paid internship, but experiencing a difficult work environment, such as little to no supervisory support, worker protection, and/or put to precarious tasks or job roles?
  • Intern Organizing
    Are you currently engaged in and/or attempting to organize within your organization and/or educational institution to raise awareness about internships in your area?
  • Additional Internship Stories
    Did you sign up for an internship thinking you would be getting an educational or learning experience, but didn’t get it? Were you told you would be presented with (a) job offer(s) post-internship, but didn’t receive anything?
    ….and many other stories!

What is your internship story? If you’re in the NYC area, we encourage you to contact us so can start filming our own stories and narratives! E-mail us at
DEADLINE to contact us: July 15th, 2015
PLEASE NOTE: If you would like for your story to be filmed but do not wish to be shown fully on camera, please let us know. We would like to facilitate a safe process for story collection.