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Unpaid Workers Unite! Biggest Rally Against Wage Theft Yet, Next Wednesday, October 15, 9am, NYC.

New York State Department of Labor, 75 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013, Map
When: Wednesday, October 15, 9am

Join Intern Labor Rights at the as we stand side-by-side with workers from the Indus Valley restaurants, the National Mobilization Against Sweatshops, the Chinese Staff & Workers Association, the Flushing Workers Center, the National Center for Law and Economic Justice and the Coalition for a Real Minimum-Wage Increase to tell Governor Andrew Cuomo: Enforce the Labor Law!

This will be the last rally before the November 4th election and the biggest one of all so if you’ve been unable to attend the previous monthly rallies, this is the one to make.

Each year in New York State tens of thousands of young people take on unpaid internships, hoping and believing that they will gain the training necessary to get jobs and begin their careers. The vast majority find themselves untrained and exploited. They are the victims of Wage Theft!

The New York State Department of Labor’s own guidelines on unpaid internships at For-Profit Businesses state that the vast majority of these interns are workers who have been misclassified as trainees. The guidelines say that the New York State Minimum Wage Act and Wage Orders and the federal Fair Labor Stands Act require all workers to be paid at least a minimum wage. Yet the Department of Labor does nothing to hold businesses accountable – and many of them are large, profitable multi-national corporations.

Governor Cuomo! Enforce the Labor Law!

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Intern Happy Hour

If you’re in NYC, come to our next Intern Happy Hour!

We’ll be meeting at Brad’s (10 Waverly Pl.) at 6PM.  All are welcome, please invite your friends on Facebook.

Know your rights, share your stories: receiving college credit is not sufficient grounds for an internship to be unpaid!


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Updates on the Fox Searchlight ruling

For coverage and debate on the Fox Searchlight ruling in favor of unpaid interns, visit our Press page. We just posted link to two videos (MSNBC and Al Jazeera) with excellent discussions on the issue. We will keep it as updated as possible!

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Have you been an unpaid intern at some point in the past 3 years?

In the absence of oversight by the Department of Labor, the journal ProPublica is conducting a survey to gather data about the scope of illegal internships. It seeks to answer question such as how many interns are being employed in violation of federal guidelines? What role do colleges and universities play in placing them? What protections cover interns in cases of discrimination or abuse? If you have been an unpaid intern at any point between 2010 and the present, please complete the quick survey found here.

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NYU: Stop Posting Illegal Unpaid Internships!

NYU petition to end #unpaidinternships! Sign with your nyu.edu email address (if you have one). Seeking 1000 signatures by next Friday, May 3: http://bit.ly/10xvwcq If a university changes its position because of a student-led campaign like this it would be major news and could catch on elsewhere, so spread the word! #InternRightsNYU #InternLabor

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