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What does a just internship look like? Deconstructing the intern economy


Thursday, May 1, 1:00 - 2:00 pm
Free University
Circle C, Madison Square, New York

What are the rights of interns? Why should we stand up for these rights? How does the intersection of higher education, professional development, and fair compensation connect with labor explotations, gender and race inequality? Join Intern Labor Rights in a collective exploration of what a “just” internship looks like through legal analyses, story-sharing, visioning and strategy-building.


The Free University of New York City is an experiment in radical community education and an attempt to create education as it ought to be, building on the historic tradition of movement freedom schools. First conceived as a form of educational strike in the run up to May Day, 2012, Free University has subsequently organized numerous days of free crowd-sourced education in parks, public spaces, museums, and subway stations in New York City. Together we will once again create a place where everyone interested in or affiliated with grassroots activism in NYC can come together, learn about each others’ initiatives, and share old wisdom and new developments in radical politics.



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Interns, take a break on May Day and join us!


Interns! take a break on May Day and join us to stand in solidarity with students citywide to fight for the right to fair labor and free education for ALL. We will be there starting 3 p.m. Check out the schedule here.